Spheroconical Indexer

Technical Description

The Spheroconical indexer is a development of the Spheroconical cam. The follower’s wheel axis and the follower’s axis converges in the center of the sphere, as the Spheroconical cam.

In the video below the basic configuration of a Spheroconical indexer with 90 degrees axis is shown.

Typical application of the Spheroconical indexer

The Spheroconical indexer can be used to transfer objects between two transfer lines and to reorient them up to 360 degrees.
The video below shows a Spheroconical indexer with 3 outputs: two outputs rotate of 90 degrees and the third of 180 degrees.


The Spheroconical indexer provides:
  better performance in reduced space
  increased productivity
  - no backlash during pick and drop and precise repeatability
  - improved reliability
  - boxed solutions with internal sealed lubrication, dust-free


The Spheroconical indexer can be configured with many follower wheels, motion laws and freedom to define the pick and drop points.

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